Expansion Joints

Metal Bellows Expansion Joints

NEWFAB offers both multi-ply and single ply metal bellows in a wide variety of stainless steel and high temperature nickel alloys. Meeting EJMA 9th Edition Standards our multi-ply bellows are engineered to extend expansion joint lifecycle and increase protection. NEWFAB also offers tremendous value in our single ply bellows. Request an EJMA Calculation Sheet to help you decide. Contact NEWFAB today.

  • Single Ply Bellows
  • Multi-Ply Bellows
  • Flow liners
  • Unlimited fitting combinations
  • Various Material options
  • EJMA Ninth Edition Standards

Pressure Range: +/- 5 PSIG
Temperature Range: – 40 /+ 1,500F

Typical Design Dimensions (Inches)

Flange to Flange Length 6" and up
Axial Compression 1" to 6" average
Axial Extension 1" to 6" average
Lateral Offset (single E/J) 1/2" to 1" average
Lateral Offset (universal E/J) 1" to 12" average

Note: movements are based on bellows design and expansion joint length.

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